Transform social workers'
productivity with AI

Just hit record and let Beam's cutting-edge AI automatically generate detailed assessments customised for your teams

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Enabling social workers to do their best work

Save a day per week

Liberate social workers and other frontline staff from 8 hours of admin a week

Higher quality notes

Capture every detail of a session effortlessly with advanced recording and AI assessments

Increase connection

With note taking handled, social workers are free to focus on the conversation

Hit record.
Receive your assessment.

Magic Notes puts an end to the hours spent writing up cases, with every detail captured.

The only AI assessment solution designed by care experts

High quality clinical reports that capture every detail

Our templates have been carefully developed with local authorities to ensure they work with the complexities of frontline social work.

Get CQC ready with our quality-assured templates

Lessen your CQC compliance workload with secure, comprehensive assessments delivered within minutes.

Gold standard data protection and compliance

All data is processed within the EU. All data is stored in the UK. No data is stored by or used for training AI models.

Effortlessly slots into your existing workflow

Compatible with all your existing tools, including Mosaic and Liquid Logic. Works in person, over the phone or on a video call. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Loved by social workers around the UK

“I have completed my write up and assessment form - it was brilliant and accurate and really sped me up”

“That’s amazing, it's got so much detail… it’ll be great to have consistent write ups whilst allowing people to work in their own way”

“It was the quickest I’ve done my report, my manager was surprised!”

“It took 1 min edit my report when it usually takes up to an hour to write it up”

4.6 / 5
Average rating of Magic Notes summaries

How it works

Record your session

Record the audio from your meeting using your phone or laptop

Your Magic Note is emailed to you

Receive the full transcript and a custom summary tailored to your team, with actions auto-captured

One-click copy to your CMS

Check it over, make any changes, then copy and paste into your system


Is Magic Notes an app?

Magic Notes is a web app, which means it runs in a web browser on any device. There is no need to download or install any software, and it works across Microsoft, Apple, and Android products.

What CMS and databases does Magic Notes work with?

You can use Magic Notes with any CMS or database. Frontline staff copy and paste the Magic Note into your existing system without needing to change the setup.

What types of meetings can Magic Notes summarise?

We work directly with you to understand and map out your team's precise requirements. We can then customise the structure of our AI-generated summaries to match your needs. For example: Include sections with custom headings to match frequently used forms like Care Act Assessments.

How do you make sure the Magic Notes are accurate?

Each Magic Note is reviewed by the user before being added to the system. This 'human in the loop' approach ensures the records are accurate.

How does Magic Notes handle accents or other languages?

Transcription and summary work well with accents and users have the option to edit names which might be spelt differently. Magic Notes can detect sessions held in another language and automatically translate them into English for you.

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